Our History

The roots of Diskko began in 2013, but it was not until the summer of 2016 that the company became what it is today. Founded by Russell Alexeev, Diskko originally started as a solution to a common skateboard problem; broken and loose bolts. The company sold skateboard hardware, patented nuts and bolts that were essential in keeping a skateboard together. After realizing that there was a much stronger vision in his mind, Alexeev sought out design help from best friend Hunter Anfuso. The two rebranded the existing company and launched a clothing business.

What is Diskko?

"Art is the emotion it evokes in you"

Our vision is to work with the creators of today to deliver our interpretations of the past through fashion. We strive to become a leader in unique fashion, creating a timeless "new" through a mixture of runway and streetwear clothing. Our goal is to present historical arts, ideas and themes through the "Diskko lens," a modern interpretation. This goal will be reached by releasing seasonal collections, limited capsule collections and collaborations with other artists of various industries. The purpose of each item is to show the emotions and meaning behind historical art through our modern interpretation and appreciation.

The 2018 Project

A message from the founder:

While the project is yet to receive a proper title, I will do my best to describe my goals for the 2018 year. I am extremely excited to share all of my ideas, but that can only be done little by little. Unfortunately, Diskko clothing production will be paused for the duration of the year (2018) while my team and I work on a bigger vision which establishes our trail to success. Clothing production will resume in November 2018 with the launch of our "Winter 2018/19 Collection." The collection will be available online as well as in hundreds of your favorite stores nationwide. I am currently working on launching a campaign that will run parallel to the manufacturing and launch of our clothing line. This project will create a supportive atmosphere for creators and artists in various industries. In addition, the campaign will serve as a charity of its own, that will work with popular artists to donate equipment and money to schools, families and children with artistic talent. The recipients of the resources will be those who express artistic and creative potential but are not fortunate enough to pursue their passions. A percentage of all clothing sales will go towards the charity. Thank you all for your support and I cannot wait to update you on the status of our project in the Spring.


Russell Alexeev - Founder, Business Operations Manager



Hunter Anfuso - Creative Director, CDO (Chief Graphic Designer)



Kurt Shapiro - Graphic Designer