Our History

The roots of Diskko began in 2013, but it was not until the summer of 2016 that the company became what it is today. Founded by Russell Alexeev, Diskko originally started as a solution to a common skateboard problem; broken and loose bolts. The company sold skateboard hardware, patented nuts and bolts that were essential in keeping a skateboard together. After realizing that there was a much stronger vision in his mind, Alexeev sought out design help from best friend Hunter Anfuso. The two rebranded the existing company and launched a fashion house called Diskko. Today, Diskko operates as a fashion brand and a parent company to Threads Manufacturing.

Mission Statement

Our vision is to work with the creators of today to deliver our interpretations of the past through quality fashion. We strive to become leaders by creating a new concept through a mixture of high-quality and functional streetwear clothing. Our goal is to present historical arts, ideas and themes through a modern interpretation and appreciation by releasing high quality, comfortable and purposeful clothing collections.

Supporting Artists

The community of artists around us is very important. We promise to consistently open up as a platform for developing artists to showcase their talents. Our intentions to support artists of all ages, backgrounds and talents go beyond this, however. Visit our Impact page to learn more about how we support our community of creatives and innovators.

Fair and Sustainable Production

We stand by fair work policies and sustainable production laws. Our production facilities are located in areas where these laws are consistently monitored. We constantly check to make sure that the factories we work with do not have histories of unfair or poor working conditions. We also do our best to reduce the negative impact on the planet by cutting down on materials that produce more waste. Any unsold inventory is never destroyed in any way. All extra product is donated through our private charity organization.