Zoe Lopez | Artist Feature Interview

Zoe Lopez | Artist Feature Interview

The Diskko Luxury Candle was made in collaboration with Zoë Lopez Anthology. Zoe Lopez, founder of the candle company, is 22 years old from San Antonio, Texas. She values sustainability and quality at the forefront of her brand.

Russ: What sparked your interest in candle making?

Zoe: I realized how much I was spending on candles so I decided to try making them myself. I ended up falling in love with the craft.

Russ: What makes the candle making process unique?

Zoe: It's a science in itself. There is so much research and testing that's involved. From the vessel to the wax, from the fragrance to the wick, it takes a lot of effort to find the perfect combination, but it's so rewarding when you finally get it right.

Russ: How do you pick your scents?

ZoeI only choose the finest fragrances and they are selected based on what I feel would fit best with the brand’s motto: “Embrace life’s little luxuries.”

Russ: What is your favorite part about making and selling the candles?

Zoe: My favorite part about making candles is being able to use it as an art and tell a story through a scent. I made a custom candle for my Tía [aunt] which smelled like her mother’s perfume. She hadn’t smelt that scent in thirteen years and it touched her heart and brought her to tears.

Russ: How did you decide on the vessel design and scent for the Diskko collaboration candle?

Zoe: I wanted the candle to embody the sleek branding and timeless decor of Diskko. I worked directly with Russ and Hunter to pick the scent, which is a sweet, woody scent.

Russ: What are your long term goals with the company?

Zoe: I want to expand my line of products to include soaps, perfume and other hand-made products.

Russ: Any shout outs or things you want others to hear?

Zoe: I want to shout out my mom for her unconditional love and support in everything I do. Check out my permanent line that just released last week and stay tuned for more to come!

The Diskko Luxury Candle, available for purchase online beginning Tuesday, February 2nd.

See more of Zoe's work here and contact her at contact@zoelopezanthology.com

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